Sales Training

In the fast-paced, rapidly-changing world of FMCG, Bizadvisor provides expert and practical guidance to ensure all of your Sales Team are optimising opportunities in the market.

We provide a graduated approach of Sales Training Workshops tailored to different levels of capability and experience, all designed to optimise learning outcomes and translating into sales growth

Our training experts can also work with you to identify key development areas for your team and create bespoke programs.   Our focus is on tangible outcomes, personal development and capability build to future proof you for any sales challenges you may face.

Foundation Sales Skills in FMCG


The Foundations of Territory Management will build  best practice skills for selling in the Grocery store environment.


Territory Managers


4 x One day face to face workshops

1. Customer Knowledge & Commercial Acumen

  • Understanding Customers
  • Commercial models and metrics, market data

2. Territory Planning & Management

  • Territory Planning
  • Store & Activity Planning

3. Sales Process & Presentation

  • Steps of a sales call
  • The Sales Presentation

4. Negotiation

Developing Sales Skills in FMCG


This will stretch Senior Territory Managers to ensure they become valued customer partners and set Key Account Executives up for success in their Key Account Management Career.


Senior Territory Managers and Key Account Executives

Developing Sales Skills

4 x one day face to face workshops

1. Intro to Key Account & Key Customer Management

  • Basics of good Account management
  • Key Store reviews and plans

2. Promotional Optimisation

  • Promotional planning, ROI and review

3. Insight Based Selling

  • Use of insights to develop selling stories
  • Presenting commercial selling propositions

4. Presentation Skills

  • Plan, Prepare and Perform

Mastery in Sales Skills in FMCG


These workshops will challenge Key Account & Customer Manager’s to take a more strategic approach to customer management.


Key Account Managers and Customer Business Managers.


7 x 1 day face to face workshops

Key Account

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Commercial Acumen & Category Management
  3. Account Planning
  4. Promotional Planning & Optimisation
  5. Value Based Selling & Presentation
  6. Negotiation
  7. Bringing it All Together Case Study